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Barnardo's St Helens Resilience Service

What we do

The Resilience Service supports secondary aged young people in St Helens with their emotional wellbeing and resilience. We have a designated therapist or mental health practitioner attached to each of the secondary schools in St Helens (including Rainford, Billinge, Newton le Willows and Haydock) and they deliver drop ins, group work and 1 to 1 Brief therapy. The group work will include the Decider Life Skills course, managing anxiety group, resilience building and workshops designed around what young people need.

We also provide drop in support for parent/carers and school staff every half term. Additionally we are working with GP surgeries and in the community to improve emotional wellbeing and resilience and reduce the number of young people going on to need a formal referral into mental health and wellbeing services.

The main functions of the Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience Programme:

1 Workforce Development

2 Direct Delivery Support for Schools

3. Multi-agency collaborative working

St Helens Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Service has been developed through collaboration between Barnardo’s and St Helens CCG, Public Health, Local Schools and North West Boroughs Health Trust (NWBH).

We can help with

    Mental health

  • Services supporting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing. We have centres where children and young people can visit and have a trained worker they can trust and talk to. We help them build their confidence and get to the root of their difficulties.
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