A young person sits on a step in conversation with a Barnardo's support worker

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We bring about change to make children's lives better

We call for improvements to the law, policy, and professional practice informed by the experiences of the children and young people we support and our own evidence-based research.

To ensure that the actions we recommend are as effective as possible, we carry out evidence-based research and share it with decision-makers and others working to help change children’s lives and the systems around them for the better. 

Nobody knows better than children and young people what their lives are really like, but they might not always feel comfortable speaking out, especially if they’ve had difficult experiences in the past. We're committed to supporting young people to share their experiences and insights about the laws, policies, practices, and systems that affect them. We amplify their voices in our research and influencing work amongst decision-makers across the four nations of the UK to help change children’s lives and the systems around them for the better. 


How many times Barnardo’s was mentioned in legislatures across the UK from 2021-22

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