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Who we are

When life gets tough or it feels like there’s nowhere to turn, Barnardo’s is here.

We make sure children, young people feel safer, happier, healthier and more hopeful, by running over 800 specialist services across the UK, and campaigning to change the way the system works for the better. 

We’ve been changing childhoods and changing lives for over 150 years, and we’ll be here for as long as we’re needed. 

Find out more about us

Our history 

We’ve been changing childhoods and changing lives for 150 years. The world that young people live in has changed a lot since then. Learn about how we started and how we’ve grown; into a place where every child and young person can feel like they belong. 

Our impact 

For children and young people, the world has changed a huge amount in the past few years. Find out how we’ve been supporting them throughout. 

Annual report 

The behind-the-scenes. Check out our latest Annual Report and Accounts to learn more about where our funding comes from and how we’re using it to drive change for children, young people and families. 

How we drive change for children 

Young people are being affected by policies they don’t get a say in. So we’re making sure their voices and experiences are heard by the people in power. 

We take children and young people seriously  

Young people’s voices and experiences guide everything we do, from how we work, to the decisions we make. 

Our organisation 

Meet Lynn, our CEO, our Board of Trustees, who help keep us on the right track, and our President who helps awareness of what we do, and Royal Patron.