Black boy sits with his male support worker at a table, smiling

Are you a young person who needs support?

Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to help.

Life’s full of all kinds of challenges. And being a young person today can sometimes feel like you’re carrying a huge weight around. If you’d like some help to lift the load, we’re here with services and information that can make life a little lighter. 

A boy in a white hoodie stands outside with his arms folded

Are you a young person preparing to leave care? Or have recently left?

You’ve got this. If you want a hand, we can help you find somewhere to live, learn independent living skills and money management, find work, training or continue with education. We can also help you access support and counselling.

An older sister helps her younger sister do her homework

Need support with your mental health?

Whether you’re feeling good or not so great, it’s important to understand your mental health so you feel your best self as often as possible. Our mental health hub is full of useful articles and advice on how to get support with your wellbeing.   

A girl leans against a window, looking sad

Are you experiencing homelessness? Or think you’re about to lose your home?   

You deserve a place to call home, whatever that means to you. If you’re a young person who has experienced care and is now at risk of (or experiencing) homelessness, we’ll may be able to help you find a safe and supportive place to live.

A boy wearing a coat and bag stands in a school corridor, smiling

Want a hand finding a job, training or developing your skills?   

Explore training and employment opportunities in your area. We provide courses, support and careers advice, whether you're interested in sports coaching or business administration.

Graphic of a variety of young people, each painted as a different colour of the rainbow with the text "celebrate who you are with pride" across it

Do you identify as LGBT+? 

If you’re an LGBT+ young person (that’s anyone who’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning their sexual or gender identity) or a parent of a young person who identifies as LGBT+, you’ve come to the right place. We’re working in your community to build understanding of what it means to be LGBT+ so that everyone feels happy and safe to be themselves.

Three young people outside, smiling and looking happy

Do you care for someone else? 

You might be a young carer without even knowing. If you’re under 18 and help look after someone with an illness, disability, or substance abuse problem, we can help you. We’ve put together support and guidance to make sure you’re living your life to the full, whatever that means to you.

We can help you stay safe  

If you’re worried about online safety, domestic abuse, child sexual abuse and exploitation, female genital mutilation (FGM), alcohol and substance abuse or child trafficking, the first thing to do is to learn more about it. 

“My mental health is so much better now.”  

Corinne, a young parent, went from feeling isolated and experiencing postnatal depression to speaking up for others at the 2023 political party conferences. 

Are you a parent or carer? 

We know your role is far from easy. We can help.