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Comments and complaints

If you have any comments, compliments or complaints please complete our feedback form, or for further information see our Fundraising Complaints Procedure.

If you have an issue with our recruitment system please contact recruitment support.


Find the right person to contact in your region by visiting our media centre.

Emergency numbers

If you think that a child is in immediate danger please dial 999. Alternatively please contact your local authority social care department, or the NSPCC 24 hour child protection helpline listed below.

If you are a child who needs help, please call Childline on 0800 11 11.

Alternatively, please call 0808 800 5000 to discuss your concerns with the NSPCC 24 Hour Child Protection Helpline.

If you are concerned about a Barnardo's member of staff, volunteer or carer please call the relevant national or regional office and speak to a Barnardo's senior manager or children's services representative.

Donation and fundraising enquiries

If you have questions about donations and fundraising, contact our supporter relations team or phone 0800 008 7005 (please, only contact this service with queries about donation and fundraising).

Other ways to contact Barnardo's

If the subject that you need to contact us about is not covered above please get in touch using the relevant contact details below.

Please contact your national or regional office first before contacting our head office.

Barnardo’s Head Office

Tanners Lane

Email: email Barnardo's (please include your telephone number and location)
Telephone: 0208 550 8822
Fax: 0208 551 6870