We’ve been working to change childhoods and change lives for over 150 years. So whatever question or situation you and your foster child have, we'll be right beside you. If you’ve got space in your home and heart to welcome a foster child in, whether it’s for a short or a long stay, then we’re here to support you, every step of the way.  

New to fostering?

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Could you be a foster carer? 

There are so many things about you and your personality that will make you a great foster carer, but there are a few practical things you need too.

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What's the fostering process? 

Welcoming a child or young person into your life is an incredible thing to do - and a big decision to make. We'll make sure you have the information you need to work out if it's right for you and where you are in your life. 

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How we'll support you

To support a foster child, you need to feel supported too. With our round-the-clock helpline, expert training, financial support and incredible community of foster carers there's lots of reasons to choose to foster with us.

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Foster carer payments and allowances

Whether you’re doing the weekly shop, getting your foster child new school clothes or organising their birthday surprise, we’ll make sure you have the financial support to give your foster child the best care you can, without worrying about the cost.

Different types of fostering

Every child is different and each has their own unique care needs. To help us meet them, we provide a variety of foster homes. These include short term fostering, parent and child fostering, permanent or long-term fostering as well as short break care (previously called respite care) among others.

Children who need fostering

Fostering is a way of providing a family life and home for children who cannot live with their birth family. We have a focus on matching children who may need extra care and support from a foster family.  

Transferring between fostering agencies 

If you are a foster carer who is already registered with a fostering agency, you may be considering transferring to a different organisation. You have the right to do so. We we can help you make the right choice for you and your family, and support you to transfer if you wish to. 

Get in touch with your local fostering team

What is fostering and why do people do it? 

Foster care provides a safe, secure and stable environment for children and young people who cannot live with their birth family.  

Not every child has a loving, stable home. When life gets tough or unsafe at home, some children and teenagers need a caring adult to look after them until things can get better. You could be the person helping change their life for the better.

If you're ready to start your fostering journey you can complete our enquiry form and we'll phone you back within two working days. If you'd prefer to talk to someone sooner, you can call us on 0800 0277 280. Our phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

One child we fostered loved to sing, and he won a role in the school musical. Jean and I were sat on the front row both nights. He was incredible. I don’t know who was crying more – us, or the teachers.


Foster carer

What's fostering really like?

If you're interested in learning about what fostering is like from people who actually do it, our foster carers would love to share their experiences with you.

Our foster carers come from a variety of backgrounds and have all sorts of life experiences, skills and qualities which helps meet the different needs of children and young people needing a foster home. You can learn about their experiences of fostering, including some of the challenges they've faced, their reflections on the support they've been given, as well as the difference fostering has made to them.