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How we fundraise

We're committed to being completely open and transparent about our fundraising.

Our fundraising promise

We're registered with the Fundraising Regulator, and comply with their Code of Fundraising Practice.

This means that we aim to be:

  • honest and open
  • clear
  • respectful
  • fair and reasonable
  • accountable

We are also members of the ImpACT coalition of charities, working to enhance public trust and confidence in the charity sector through greater accountability, clarity and transparency.

We are committed to following our vulnerable person policy in all our fundraising activities. 

The ways we fundraise

Like most major UK charities, we raise funds from individuals in many different ways, including:

  • face-to-face fundraising
  • telephone fundraising
  • direct mail

Face-to-face fundraising

This is a way to talk to members of the public about what we do and to ask them to support us with a regular gift. Our fundraisers start a conversation with people in the street, in train stations or shopping centres and on people's doorsteps.

Face-to-face fundraising is the best-value way of recruiting regular givers; it is one of our most important sources of income. It also gives us the opportunity to spread the word about what we do and the issues affecting children and young people in the UK today.

We employ external agencies to fundraise for us. This keeps our costs down. We ensure that all the agencies that we use meet our high standards.

All of our face-to-face fundraisers:

  • wear a Barnardo's t-shirt and lightweight waterproof jacket
  • display photo identification stating the agency they work for, as well as the Barnardo’s logo
  • carry up-to-date Barnardo’s literature such as direct debit mandate forms and booklets on our work

If our agencies use iPads to capture a donor’s details, the screens on these devices will clearly display the Barnardo’s logo. Any data collected on iPads is securely encrypted and is stored in ‘the cloud’, which means that no data is stored or accessible from the device.

Telephone fundraising

Telephone fundraising allows us to raise money in a cost-effective way, as well as engage in thousands of conversations each year with supporters.

Our telephone fundraisers will:

  • say their name and that they are calling on behalf of Barnardo’s at the start of the telephone conversation
  • check that you are happy to take the call
  • tell you if the call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes
  • if you make a donation, tell you that they are engaged by an agency, how much the agency will be paid and how much Barnardo’s expects to raise from the campaign

How we train our fundraisers

We ensure that:

  • all our fundraisers have intensive training and receive regular briefing sessions to ensure they meet our high standards
  • we regularly monitor and review all our fundraising agencies
  • every agency we work with has a vulnerable person policy in place
  • where allegations are made against our agencies about their fundraising practices we reserve the right to pause/suspend/cancel activity with them while the allegations are investigated

If you have any concerns about the conduct of someone representing Barnardo’s please call our Supporter Relations team on 0800 008 7005. You can also email them:

Our lotteries and raffles

We run a weekly lottery and a raffle, as well as a workplace lottery which you pay for from your salary.

We are committed to operating our gaming products in a socially responsible way. We want it to be fun to play, while raising vital funds for us. But we want to protect vulnerable people such as low-income groups or players under the age of 16.

By committing to regularly playing the weekly lottery, supporters enable us to plan ahead and support vulnerable children for as long as they need.

Our mail to you

Writing to you – known as 'direct mail' – is the cheapest way for charities to request donations from large numbers of supporters.

Not everyone will be interested in contributing, but some will want to learn more and perhaps support us some other way.

If you would like to receive fewer mailings each year – or none at all – please call our Supporter Relations team on 0800 008 7005. You can also email them at

If you would like to be kept informed about our work by email instead of by mail, please sign up to our monthly e-newsletter. Please also remember to email us at so that we know not to send you any more post.

Our gifts to you

We often include a little gift in your mailing, such as a calendar of children's artwork, handy address stickers, a pen or Christmas cards. We hope our supporters will share them with friends and family to help raise awareness of our work.

The amount of additional donations raised far outweighs the cost of the gift.