Welcome to Barnardo’s media centre for journalists

National media
Our National Media Team handles all national media inquiries. If you are a journalist from a national broadcaster, newspaper, magazine or other outlet, please contact us on
020 8498 7555 or [email protected].

Regional media
If you are from a regional newspaper, television or radio station or your query is about Barnardo’s work in the English regions, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, please contact us on 0113 393 3200 or [email protected]

Contact information

Devolved Nations’ and English Regions’ press offices

Regions’ and Nations’ Communications Hub 

Regions’ and Nations’ Communications Hub Manager: Jo Hewitt
Mobile: 07584 347 306 
Email: [email protected]


Communications Business PartnerMargaret O'Reilly
Mob: 07827 977830
Email: [email protected]


Communications Business Partner: Shelley Brearley
Mob: 07766 442062
Email: [email protected]

Northern Ireland

Communications Business PartnerSituation currently vacant
Email: [email protected]


Communications Business Partner: Angela Spicer
Mob: 07710 183516
Email[email protected]