Live, Learn & Work: A diverse community space to address inequalities in communities across East London

At Barnardo’s we believe in children – no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through. Our mission is to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

The Morgan Stanley Live, Learn & Work Centre

Covid 19 has changed the world for all of us. But as ever in a crisis, it’s the most vulnerable that are impacted the most - and Barnardo’s has seen first-hand how the pandemic has impacted vulnerable children and young people.

There has been a seismic surge in the number of young people facing serious mental health issues. Young people have also been disproportionately impacted by unemployment as a result of Covid - more than any other group.

Outside of old Barnardo's service building

A 12-minute drive from your Morgan Stanley head office, Barnardo’s has a building known as ‘The Hub’ in the heart of Stepney Green. A previous Barnardo’s service, and once a community hub some years ago, we are proposing an exciting capital build project to restore the building in the heart of the community; for it to become the go to place for vulnerable children, young people and their families when they need support.

The Live, Learn, Work centre will deliver services in three core areas aiming to address the challenges currently facing children, young people and families across the borough: 

  • Live: A hub for children and young people to access a range of digital mental health and wellbeing services – ensuring no-one is digitally excluded from the support they need.

  • Learn: A central community learning and support hub for young people including access to a range of voluntary sector organisations and relevant content from the Barnardo’s University (BU).

  • Work: An employability hub to work across the East London community.

Your vote will help us turn this vision into a reality.

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Your support

Partnership impact and volunteering opportunities

Colourful painting on walls of abandoned building

Live, Learn & Work will have the ability to reach close to 3,000 children, young people and family members during our partnership but will remain a part of the community for years to come. Additionally during our partnership we will:

  • Enable 550+ children and young people to access digital mental health services

  • Deliver over 4,200 hours of community activities and group sessions

  • Support and work with over 150 community organisations

  • Develop links with 150 businesses across East London who will support over 250 young people to become more employable

Across all of these activities there will be the chance for Morgan Stanley colleagues to see the centre in action and directly contribute to our work. From pro-bono support as we develop our financial model for the centre, skills-based volunteering on our employability programmes through to opportunities to support in the delivery of our various community events and activities taking place within the centre.

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A vote for Barnardo’s is a vote for Morgan Stanley’s local community. It’s a vote for vulnerable children and young people who risk becoming the forgotten victims of a once in a lifetime pandemic.

Thank you for voting for Barnardo’s. Thank you for believing in children and young people.