Co-op and Barnardo’s are working together to raise £5m to support young people to access basic needs like food, manage their mental wellbeing, and connect with opportunities for their future. 

According to Co-op's 2021 post-pandemic report looking at the attitudes, life chances and aspirations of young people, Covid-19 has left over a third of young people feeling permanently disadvantaged, leaving a ‘ghosted generation’ of young people in acute need who feel the odds are now stacked against them. Working together, we want to reach those young people who need our support the most. 

I’ve friends with teenagers who’ve repeatedly run away from school, and been in and out of hospital while they’ve struggled with their mental health. The pandemic has had huge impacts on them and they’ve struggled to ‘return to normal’ in their school and social lives. It’s really upsetting for the whole family, as well as friends, wanting to help and not knowing how to.

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Co-op and Barnardo’s are working to bring local communities together to support young people across the UK. This ambitious partnership will aim to raise £5m over the next two years and work to influence positive change for young people. We aim to support 750,000 young people to access basic needs like food, improve their mental wellbeing, and create better opportunities for their future. 

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