What we do

Turnaround & 1-1 Trusted Relationships – We are a young people’s service offering support around Bradford

Staying Safe, Running Away/Going Missing,Grooming and sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation

If you are feeling unsafe, pressured or forced into doing things that you don’t want to do….. if you feel that you are starting to lose control of your life
• We’re here to help you stay safe
• To listen to you
• To offer advice and guidance
• To offer support in a way that meets your needs
• To ensure you have your voice heard
• To help without judging you
We work flexibly with young people and we know it may take some time to get to know us

We can help with

Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Supporting children and young people to recover from sexual abuse, as well as family counselling, preventive and awareness-raising programmes.

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We help these young victims cope with the practical and emotional traumas of being trafficked. Our specialist support workers help them to understand what is happening with social care services, the police and immigration – in ways that they can understand. We run specialist Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship Service (ICTGS) services in Wales/Cymru, East Midlands, West Midlands Combined Authorities, Croydon, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and Greater Manchester

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