About this service

BeFree Positive Relationships Service is for 10–18 year old females, including transgender individuals, living in Kent, who are at risk of experiencing unhealthy or abusive relationships.

We offer one-to-one sessions that explore self-esteem, healthy/unhealthy relationships, sexual health & consent (age appropriate), child sexual exploitation and keeping safe. We also offer group work programmes.

We aim to:
> Deliver a non-stigmatising relationship & sex education
> Build emotional health & resilience
> Empower young people to make informed choices about emotional & physical relationships

Sessions can take place in the community or in schools and can be held face-to-face or virtually via Google Meet/Skype or telephone, depending on circumstances and need.

Parents/carers can opt in for a session on the content covered in the programme, to help them support their young person.

Anyone can refer to BeFree, including parents, professionals and the young person themselves. Risk factors for young people to access the service include:
> Experiences of/witnessing domestic abuse
> Forming inappropriate/abusive relationships
> Conceiving under the age of 18
> Early sexual activity
> Maintaining sexual health

Referral process:
> We respond to referrals within 48 hours.
> If the referral is accepted, the work commences within 6 weeks.
> The young person is required to consent to receiving the service and our GDPR Policy will be followed.
> For young people under the age of 16, parental agreement is sought.

We offer a confidential service. However, where there are safeguarding concerns, these are shared with the relevant agencies and our safeguarding procedures are followed. Young people are advised of our safeguarding responsibilities at the onset of the work.

We can help with

Domestic abuse

Supporting families affected by domestic abuse to change behaviour, improve wellbeing, reduce risk and increase safety.

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Teenage pregnancy

Supporting teenage parents with a range of things including accommodation, support services, independent living skills, parenting support and advice 

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Sexual health

Providing access to condom distribution, pregnancy testing, sexual health advice and guidance. Offering therapeutic work with victims of sexual abuse and supporting parents and carers.

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Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Supporting children and young people to recover from sexual abuse, as well as family counselling, preventive and awareness-raising programmes.

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