We have been developing tools and resources in Wales to help identify and engage young people at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

Our work

Better Futures Cymru is a service that provides assessment and longer term therapeutic intervention services for children and young people with sexualised histories across Wales. 

We know that building trust and establishing a positive relationship is crucial to any successful intervention. Research has shown that young people who are abused, exploited, or who engage in risky sexual behaviours often feel guilt and shame. They may feel defined by this behaviour - which affects their level of openness and willingness to engage. 

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We want to develop a trusting and non-judgemental relationship with the young person. From the start, we focus on problem free discussions and activities in order to establish a meaningful connection in which both participants feel valued and have worth in the relationship. 

A high percentage of the children we work with have experienced significant trauma. That might be sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic abuse or neglect. Our work takes these factors into consideration, and includes therapeutic approaches and techniques to address the issues that may occur as a result of these experiences.

In supporting young people to process their past trauma, we are able to allow them to develop healthy romantic and sexual relationships in their future.

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Girls' Talk

Cover image of the Girls' Talk worksheet

Girls’ Talk is a resource for professionals working with girls and young women who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour. It helps to reduce risk and allow them to move toward healthy adult relationships.

The workbook was developed as part of Barnardo’s Girl’s Research Project, a three-year research project funded by The Big Lottery.

There are five main themes within the workbook:

  • Setting the Scene
  • My life Experiences
  • Positive Self
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Self-regulation & Positive Strategies

All areas are supported by clear research explanations for their inclusion in the workbook and are accompanied by a series of worksheets available to download.


Girl talk workbook

Hard copies and USB flash drives with worksheets and Amy’s Story animated clip included, are available to purchase direct from the service for £50. Please email [email protected] to order a copy. ​​​​​​


Boys 2

Cover image of the Boys 2 worksheet

Boys 2 was a two year research project jointly funded by the Home Office and Barnardo’s. The project was managed by Barnardo’s Better Futures Cymru and Barnardo’s Base Project in the South West of England.

The findings from the project led to the development of the Boys 2  workbook resource, which was co-produced with the boys and young men who participated in the research. All areas of the workbook are supported by clear research explanations for their inclusion and are designed to support professionals to engage with boys and young men to reduce risk of CSE and support healthy identity.

Key Findings


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If you have any questions about the resources, or about the projects in general, please get in touch with the team via email: [email protected]