Wirral Independent visitors

What we do

Match children and young people who looked after under the age of 18, to an independent visitor.
An Independent Visitor (IV) is a volunteer who visits and befriends a child or young person living in care.
The unique role of an IV enables children and young people to have at least one consistent, trusting relationship that is built over time. The IV will endeavour to become and remain a stable adult in the child’s life who doesn’t change when placements or social workers change and will at all times stay child focused.

Independent Visitors take an interest into the lives, hopes and concerns of a child or young person, and are there to listen and most of all have fun. Children and young people tell us that an independent visitor can make a huge difference to their lives; it improves confidence, they feel valued, and they get to create happy memories with their IV.
If you are interested in getting an IV you can speak to one of the following people:
• Social Worker
• Foster Carer
• Personal Adviser
• Key worker/residential carer
• IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer)
Alternatively, you could ask someone you feel comfortable talking to. They can speak to your Social Worker on your behalf.

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