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Bringing Five to Thrive Alive: two approaches to implementing Five to Thrive within Barnardo's

Author : Bridget Pettitt (November 2015)

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Five to Thrive, developed by Kate Cairns Associates, is a flexible approach that offers learning for practitioners and parents. It is designed to enhance awareness of the central ingredients for healthy brain development in babies, with five key activities - Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play, Talk - described as the 'building blocks for a healthy brain.'

Five to Thrive training has been rolled out throughout Barnardo's, with more than 1,500 staff across the UK receiving training between April 2014 and April 2015. This paper focuses on two Barnardo's services in the North West of England that were early adopters of Five to Thrive and use promising interpretations of the approach. Kendal West Children's Centre provided a structured Five to Thrive course for parents, while Benchill Children's Centre had embedded the approach more broadly into its everyday work. The fieldwork, conducted in early 2015, sought feedback from parents and staff about their perspectives on Five to Thrive.


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