Outcomes for children and young people affected by modern slavery: An analysis of Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship service support in England and Wales

Type Research

Dr Anna Skeels and Dr Katy Huxley, SPARK, Cardiff University and Hannah Stott, Safe to Grow
Published on
26 March 2024

This analysis by the Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship (ICTG)  service looks at outcomes for children and young people affected by modern slavery.

The ICTG service provides specialist and trauma-informed support to children affected by trafficking in England and Wales. The service is commissioned by the Home Office and is run by Barnardo's.

Key findings:

  • The ICTG service was found to have supported positive outcomes for all young people participating in the research. All outcomes were important and mattered to them.
  • The ICTG service is delivering a flexible, multi-layered ‘pyramid of service support’ for children and young people with lived experience of modern slavery, resulting in positive outcomes for their safeguarding, protection, well-being, and recovery.
  • The research provides important new evidence that the ICTG service is performing in a flexible, adaptive and inclusive way, addressing young people’s different priorities and needs.
  • The research highlights the importance of ICTG service direct workers as ‘trusted adults’ for children and young people, considered by them as instrumental to their participation, protection, and achievement of positive outcomes. Both direct and indirect worker roles within the ICTG service are identified as critical coordination points, supporting the navigation of complex systems, mobilising services and connecting professionals to drive positive outcomes for children and young people.
  • ICTG service practitioners can provide nuanced data and valuable insights into the
    nature of modern slavery affecting children and young people in England and Wales.