Barnardo’s Cymru response to the Development of the Mental Health Standards of Care (Wales) Bill Consultation

Type Policy and research document

Published on
15 April 2024

This consultation response from Barnardo's Cymru is for the Development of the Mental Health Standards of Care (Wales) Bill Consultation. In it, we agree that there could be improvements to reform mental health legislation and we welcome the focus on children and young people as being distinct from adult provision.

Mental health and wellbeing challenges and approaches to support have changed since the introduction of the Mental Health Act 1983. In April 2020, as the country went into lockdown, Barnardo’s UK surveyed nearly 1,000 Barnardo’s practitioners on the impact of Covid-19.

In Wales:

  • 92% of respondents were supporting someone in regard to their mental health, 75% of whom were supporting children
  • 81% of respondents said they were supporting someone experiencing an increase in mental health issues due to Covid-19
  • The most commonly cited issues increasing as a result of Covid-19 related to anxiety and sleep dysregulation – for children, while for parents, the most commonly cited issues were around anxiety and stress

In January 2024, we surveyed our practitioners across Wales. The results were stark. 82% said there had been a change in the number of children and young people experiencing mental health and wellbeing issues in the 12 months prior. Mental health continues to be a significant issue in the lives of children and young people and Barnardo’s Cymru welcomes a focus on reducing the stigma of mental health challenges and improving the delivery plans for CAMHs services.