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Welcome to Barnardo’s Counselling service, we work with young people aged 10-19 who live or attend school in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Children/Young people:
You may feel a range of emotions, you may feel anxious, angry, sad, or scared. You could be going through a difficult situation in your life such as relationship difficulties, family issues, bullying, identity, your self-worth or the way you look after yourself. Barnardo’s have counsellors who you can talk to. Counselling can help you deal with issues and events in your life that affect how you live and your wellbeing. It could be recommended to you by a teacher or your parent/carer if they are concerned about your wellbeing - or you may just want to refer yourself. Barnardo’s counsellors are here to support you and help you find ways to make you feel better about your situation.

Barnardo’s counsellors are at all Vale of Glamorgan Secondary schools and within the Community. You can also see a counsellor within the Community if you do not want to access the service within your school.

If you want to speak to a counsellor - Click on the link ‘Child or young person: fill in this form to ask us to help you (online)’

Parent or carers:
You can be a vital support to young people, navigating and supporting them to manage difficult situations which can be stressful and distressing for them and you. There is hope, counselling is an option for your young person. If you notice changes in their behaviour that worry you, be open and available to talk to them, ask them what could help – stay calm and be empathic. If you remain concerned Barnardo’s are here.

To make a referral - Click on the link ‘Parent, carer or professional: refer a child or young person (online)’ (if you are unsure as to whether a referral is appropriate, please call us to talk it through).

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