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RUSAFE Child Exploitation service
We use a trauma informed approach to work with children and young people in Buckinghamshire, to strengthen their ability to recognise criminal and sexual exploitation.
We provide 1-1 support for each young person. We help young people to take back control over their life, and show them how to identify and exit unsafe relationships.

RUSAFE Missing service
We are commissioned by Buckinghamshire Council and Thames Valley Police to offer a follow up conversation with all children and young people who have returned from going missing. We are required to complete this visit within 72 hours of notification of the missing episode.

We raise awareness of the risks and dangers you may be exposed to whilst missing, encouraging you to recognise and use ‘Keep Safe’ strategies, should you go missing again. We may signpost to other agencies and/or online resources that might be able to support you further with any specific needs or anxieties.

Awareness raising
We also run awareness raising sessions for Buckinghamshire multi-agency professionals. We can also offer bespoke training to external agencies for a fee, please contact us to discuss further see contact details below.

We can only work with children and young people who are:
-aged between 10-18 years (up to age 21 those with learning needs)
-living in Buckinghamshire
If you believe you – or someone you know – may be affected by child exploitation, contact us as soon as possible.

Professionals, if a child you work with is affected by, or at risk of child exploitation, please complete our referral form - available by request via email, see details below.

Covid update:
Owing to current COVID 19 situation, missing return interviews and client visits are currently conducted remotely either by WhatsApp/Facetime or by phone. Training and prevention work can be accessed remotely, please contact us to discuss further.

We can help with

Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Supporting children and young people to recover from sexual abuse, as well as family counselling, preventive and awareness-raising programmes.

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Mental health

Services supporting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing, from one-to-one counselling to group work and schools-based programmes. We have centres where children and young people can visit and have a trained worker they can trust and talk to. We help them build their confidence and get to the root of their difficulties.

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Supporting children and young people who have gone missing/run away from home. Includes return-home interviews and/ or support to reduce risk-taking behaviour.

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