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Provides vocational and pre vocational learning to 14-24 year olds.

An alternative education programme is provided for school children from Key Stage 4 who are at risk of dropping out of education or where a more practical curriculum will be more appropriate to their needs.

16-24 Year olds will follow Foundation Learning, Apprenticeships or other qualifications that meet the requiremnets for Adult Skills Funding.

In addition a vocational course is also delivered to Year 12/13 students (16+) in a variety of vocational areas.
The core areas that every service user experiences at Palmersville Training are personal and social development, basic skills and vocational skills.

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Providing advice and advocacy on the skills needed to support sustained employment. Focuses on increasing confidence, resilience and self esteem through employment, work experience, volunteering, educational opportunities and qualifications.

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Education alternative provision

Services providing support and training to children and young people both within and outside of an educational setting

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