About this service

Barnardo’s are proud to be launching a coordinated offer to support victims/survivors of child sexual abuse across 4 local police force areas. Our approach will co-ordinate a local response for victims (0-19) whilst focusing on capacity building within established organisations. The service will co-ordinate a broad set of quality assurance standards and development for agencies and communities dedicated to delivering excellence in practice for children who have been sexually abused. We commit to offering consistency and bespoke design through a cope and recover model. The service will be delivered in a number of ways:

1. Online/web-based/e-learning/information sharing hub – using a bespoke website designed for the service. This may also include exploring pathways of support and supporting children and families to access dedicated services
2. Mentoring/training/consultancy/advice offer – direct support for organisations and agencies across the geographical areas and support to other partners to deliver counselling/services for children
3. Direct counselling/therapeutic sessions (provided by a team of counsellors) to children/young people where service access is limited/prohibited due to:
- Capacity of local providers
- Lack of provision in geographical areas (i.e. more rural locations)
- Unique/complex circumstances

We can help with

Sexually harmful behavior

Working with children, young people, families and professionals to help understand the behaviour, build self-worth, keep safe and make the right choices to improve life chances.

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