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Barnardo's Falkirk Pathways provides a Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) Service in partnership with Falkirk Council. Family Group Decision Making is a process that brings family members together to make decisions about how to care for their children and develop a Family Plan. It is a child centered approach, planning for their future. It concentrates on identifying solutions to issues in a blame-free manner, which shifts the focus of the family onto future plans rather than blame, recrimination or past problems.

Barnardo's Falkirk Pathways provides a Lifelong Links Service for children and young people who have been in care for three years or less and are under 16, with no plans to return home or be adopted. The Service aims to find family members or reconnect with those where contact has been lost, to provide children and young people with lasting relationships upon which they can depend, know more about their own history and feel a stronger sense of identity. A Family Group Decision Making meeting is held at the end of the process to make a plan and consolidate the support and connections for the young person. These lifelong connections will hopefully give children people to turn to for practical and emotional support. This could be invites to family events, holidays, telephone calls, emails, cards, outings, work experience etc.

Barnardo's Falkirk Pathways provides support to children and young people in partnership with primary and secondary schools in Falkirk. Support takes place both in school and outwith, and can be individual, group and/or family support, to increase attainment and help the school support children who experience barriers to learning.

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