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Barnardo's Scotland

We’re here to help you, and children and young people across Scotland, feel safer, happier, healthier. 

This might be through our services, designed to help with specific challenges, or by offering guidance and advice.

I’m a parent or carer  

We know looking after your family can be tough. Whether you need help from a local service for your child, or want to read useful guidance and support, we’ve got your back.

I’m a young person  

Does it ever feel like you’re carrying a weight on your shoulders? Whether you need advice, guidance or practical support, we’ve got you.

I’m interested in fostering or adoption

Imagine finally feeling like you belong. If you want to give a child a loving home where they can thrive, we want to help make it happen.

Together we can make systems work better for you and countless children, young people and families. 

We know many of you are worried about the future – which isn’t how it should be. That’s why we’re determined to change the way the system works for you and countless other families.  

We try and do this by making your voice heard in rooms where big decisions that affect the lives of children, young people and families are made. We produce briefings, reports, consultation responses and written evidence for the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government and a whole range of public bodies. 

Imagine feeling safe, happy, healthy and hopeful. Let’s help make children across Scotland feel that way. 

Can you help us change someone’s childhood?  

Every child deserves to feel valued, supported and full of hope. Your donation can help make that happen.

Could you give us some of your time? 

You can make a huge difference to children and young people by volunteering with us, including at your local Barnardo's Scotland shop. 

Want to come shopping with us? Or are you having a clear out? 

Call in and say hi! We’ve got 70 high street stores across Scotland. You can also shop with us online and via our eBay store. Donate goods and we'll find them a new home. You can drop off donations at your local store or arrange a collection. 

Stories from Barnardo’s Scotland services

A man sitting on a hotel balcony

“Sometimes I think: ‘Phew, you’re a wee guy from the East End of Glasgow that made it!" 

Jamie was fostered through Barnardo's when he was 12 years old. Read about how ten years of love and support from foster carers has helped him become who he is today.

A woman smiling with Christmas lights in the background

“My mental health is so much better. If you told me four years ago where I’d be now, I wouldn’t have believed you." 

Corinne went from feeling isolated and experiencing postnatal depression to speaking up for others at the 2023 political party conferences.

A young man cooking food on a hob

“Life can be challenging for young people who are leaving care, but Barnardo’s can make a real difference.”

Paul grew up in care in Scotland and had multiple foster care placements throughout his childhood. Living in a Barnardo’s Gap Home has helped give him stability.

More about us 

How we are structured  

Operational responsibility for services in Scotland lies with our Director, Martin Crewe.  

You can learn more about how we're structured and governed by meeting our Assistant Directors and National Advisory Board.

Fair work principles 

Barnardo’s supports the Fair Work Framework and strives to maintain Fair Work practices, as promoted by the Scottish Government. 

Our Fair Work practices include the involvement of staff in decision making through consultation in a number of ways. Karen Rickards, Unison Branch Secretary for Barnardo’s, sets out how we work with staff, including with Unison as a recognised Trade Union

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