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Vale School and Community Based Counselling Service

What we do

Welcome to Barnardo’s Counselling service, we work with young people aged 10-19 who live or attend school in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Counselling provides a safe space for you to talk about your life, your feelings, and your current situation. It is a source of emotional support that provides you with the ability to talk to someone that is outside of your family or friends. The relationship with the counsellor is based on trust, you will decide what you want to talk about in the sessions, our job is to nurture and support your wellbeing whilst always thinking about your safety.

Parent or carers:
You can provide vital support to young people, navigating and supporting them to manage difficult situations which can be stressful and distressing, but you can support them to explore Counselling as a means of support.
We deliver-

IN SCHOOLS – we are located in all secondary schools across the Vale

WITHIN THE COMMUNITY – locations include the Business Service Centre (BSC), Barry, near the waterfront and Ely Family Centre, Cardiff. If you want to access counselling outside of school or if you don’t attend school, then community is for you.

ONLINE - Our counsellors have access to a range of platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp.

HOW TO GET HELP? - Please visit the Service website

The website contains information about the service, how to access it and what to expect from counselling. With pages for children, parents and professionals there is also advice on managing wellbeing and self-care and supporting others. The site contains the referral forms to access the service which is available in schools, the community and digitally.

We can help with

    Mental health

  • Services supporting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing. We have centres where children and young people can visit and have a trained worker they can trust and talk to. We help them build their confidence and get to the root of their difficulties.
  • Find out more about Mental health
  • Search for Mental health services
  • Youth services

  • Supports individuals and groups, for example young people identifying as LGBTQ, in personal development and developing the skills to make positive life choices. 
  • Search for Youth services services