Kirklees Young Carers

What we do

We work with children and young people across Kirklees who are young carers - this means they are helping to care for someone (usually in their family) who has an illness and/or disability. The caring responsibilities may be; practical (cleaning, cooking, shopping), emotional (calming someone down, encouraging someone to do things, supporting someone to feel happier), personal (feeding, bathing, dressing). These tasks are above and beyond what a child their age would be expected to do. Many young carers cope really well and can actually benefit form their role but when the caring role does impact we can help. The service provides assessed 1:1 and group support to young carers aged 8 -17. We will also look at if there are other services available to help the young carer and the person with the illness/disability. Our work with young carers aims to reduce or remove the impacts faced due to the caring role.

We can help with

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