Take a look below at our FAQ’s to help you with your fundraising questions.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just email the team on [email protected], who would be happy to answer your questions.

What does Barnardo’s do?

Barnardo's helps hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents and carers via our 1000+ services across the UK, across lots of areas including fostering and adoption, young carer’s and child sexual exploitation. Get more information on the support we offer here.

How will my fundraising help Barnardo’s?

Every pound you raise help Barnardo's to continue to support children and young people across the UK. You can read more about how your fundraising will help Barnardo’s continue our work here.

How much of the money I raise goes towards supporting children and young people?

Excluding retail costs, for every pound we spend approximately 94p goes on working with the children and young people who need it most. For more information see our annual report.

How do I set up an online fundraising page?

We advise setting up a Just Giving page to raise money for Barnardo’s - everything donated onto your page comes straight to Barnardo’s, making it really easy to collect donations from your friends and family. Visit Just Giving to set yours up.

How do I show offline donations on my fundraising page?

If you have raised money offline, please ensure you are adding this to your fundraising page so that everyone can see the total amount raised. You can do this by logging into your Just Giving account and manually entering in the amount you have raised offline. Just Giving have provided some handy guidance on how to do this here.

Will I receive a fundraising pack?

You can download our fundraising pack, full of information, fundraising tips and advice. If you would like a printed version of the fundraising pack posted to you, please email the events team.

Do you have a sponsorship form which I can use to collect donations?

Can Barnardo’s provide me with materials for my fundraising events?

Yes - we can provide things such as collection tins, banners and balloons to help with any fundraising events which you are holding. Please email the team to request these materials.

Can I have a letter of authorisation to show that I am collecting money for Barnardo’s?

A letter of authorisation is a great resource to have, especially when you are trying to get support for your fundraising, e.g. sourcing raffle prizes. If you would like a letter to show that you are fundraising for Barnardo’s, please email the events team.

When is the fundraising deadline for my event?

We ask that you aim to get all of your sponsorship into us by 6 weeks after your event date. If you need slightly longer to collect everything in, please let the team know on [email protected].

What happens if I don’t raise the minimum fundraising target?

When signing up for your chosen event with Barnardo’s, you agreed to the terms and conditions of raising the minimum fundraising target, so we would ask that you try to hit this amount as much as you can. We can extend the fundraising deadline for you if you need some extra time, and the events team are always on hand to help with fundraising ideas - please get in touch as soon as possible if you are struggling with the fundraising, or if you need some help.

I have a cheque/charity cheque (E.G CAF Voucher) to send Barnardo’s - how do I do this?

All cheques need to be made payable to ‘Barnardo’s’, and sent to the team at the following address;

The Fundraising Events Team
Tanners Lane

Please ensure that you include a note alongside the cheque with your name, address and the event you are taking part in, so that we can ensure it gets added to your fundraising total.

I have cash to send Barnardo’s - how do I do this?

We advise that you do not send cash in the post to us, so therefore we ask that you pay this cash into your own account, and then make a payment out to us. This can be via cheque or bank transfer - please email the events team for the details on how to do this.

I have a Barnardo’s collection tin which is full - how do I get this cash to you?

We ask that you do not send a filled collection tin in the post to us, so therefore we ask that you open this collection tin at home and you pay the cash into your own account - you can then pay this cash to us via cheque or bank transfer.

Please make sure that you are always opening tins in a safe and secure place with a witness present, ensuring that you both count the cash together. If you would like to reuse the tin afterwards, please get in touch with the team so that we can post you out some new security seals.

Can Barnardo’s provide me with a training plan?

Yes - we have an online training hub where you can access training plans for all events, and for all different abilities. Click here to explore our training guides.

I have an injury - what do I do?

Sorry to hear that you have an injury! Please email the events team, and we will be able to advise the next steps.

Do I receive a Barnardo’s top for my event?

Yes - everyone signed up for an event with Barnardo’s will receive a top to wear at their event. We send this out at least 2 months before your event, to give you plenty of time to try it out for size! If you haven’t received yours yet, and your event is less than 2 months away, please get in touch.

I’m no longer able to take part in the event - what do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that you are no longer able to take part in the event you have signed up. Please get in touch with the events team ASAP to let them know.