Sean’s journey through foster care

Sean’s story is an illustration of a child’s journey through care. His story is based on true experiences of different children.

Life with our foster carers

When he first met Barnardo’s foster carers, June and Peter, he was six years old. At the time, he was very volatile and frightened of everything, with extremely low self-esteem. Sean couldn’t play or be left on his own, which made going to the shops or out for a meal, quite challenging for his foster carers. His behaviour was also very hyperactive, vigilant and he would barely sleep.

Where is Sean now?

Sean’s foster carers ensure that he keeps in regular contact with his sister, who is now grown up and has a positive influence on him.

Now 16, Sean has a very close relationship with his foster carers, whom he refers to as ‘Mum and Dad’. He loves to play on his X-Box and watch films. He has worked hard for his exams and would like to do an apprenticeship to one day become an engineer.

By choosing to become a foster carer with Barnardo’s you can make a huge difference to a child's life - and yours.