Children who need adopting

We’re looking for people interested in adopting children:

  • of all ages,
  • from sibling groups,
  • from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities,
  • with challenging behaviours,
  • with physical and/or learning disabilities.

Children of all ages

Many children who need adopting are not babies or toddlers. By choosing to adopt an older child, you could offer them the life that they deserve.

Sibling groups

You could keep children together by adopting siblings. We try to keep brothers and sisters together to maintain their family bond and need adoptive parents to offer caring and stable homes for children who are related by birth.

Black and Minority Ethic (BME) children

The number of children in care from BME backgrounds is increasing each year. We need adoptive parents to give safe and loving homes to children, helping each child to thrive in their new environment.

Children with challenging behaviours

Children waiting for adoption may have suffered neglect or abuse in the past. We offer ongoing support and training so that you can give a child with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties a better future.

Children with physical and/or learning disabilities

Some children waiting for adoption have mild or severe disabilities. In general, people tend to adopt children with no disabilities but all children need a secure home. We are looking for adopters who are willing to help meet the needs of these children. We offer ongoing support and training, so that you can help a disabled child to reach their full potential.

Your decision to adopt can change a child's life - and yours.