Charlie took on the role of the grown up when his mum was diagnosed with an agonising back condition.

Charlie and his sister Lily celebrating Christmas

Charlie’s funny, obsessed with dinosaurs, and devoted to his little sister, Lily. And he’s been coping with the monumental task of caring for his mum alone. Charlie’s mum suffers from an agonising back condition that leaves her unable to get up and about. To help her, he’s taken on most of the household chores. Charlie cares for his family at all times of year. Including Christmas. 

Life began to get brighter for Charlie when project worker Lauren started helping him. Having someone to talk to was at the root of what he needed. Gradually, Charlie began to open up about the worries he had about caring for his mum. Lauren helped him become more confident and less anxious.

Lauren also helped Charlie in practical ways. In time, juggling school and caring no longer felt like such a burden. He knew he had someone who would help him cope. Today, Charlie feels like life is “10 million times better.” He’s hard at work in school in the hope of becoming a scientist when he’s older. Charlie’s such a character and, now that he feels more confident, his funny, quirky personality truly shines.

Last Christmas, Lauren helped spread some Kidsmas magic to Charlie and his family by delivering a big ‘Christmas box’, packed with festive food, treats and decorations. Charlie was over the moon!

*Charlie's story is true but his name has been changed and a model used to protect his identity.

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