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  • Carly's story

    Carly talks about her experience as a foster carer after working as a probation officer for 16 year.

  • Rez's story

    Rez is a young person who was looked after by Katie, a foster carer in Kent.

  • Katie's story

    Katie has been fostering with Barnardo’s for over 20 years.

  • Tim's story

    A son whose father's experience as a foster child inspired him to help vulnerable children him is urging others to do the same.

  • Brian and Helen's story

    When Brian Harrison was working with troubled teenagers he would often say to his wife Helen that he wished he could bring them home with him and give them a happy, stable life.

  • Skylar's story

    Skylar (15) was with her friend Ella when she first met Ella’s boyfriend. He drove them back to a flat where they met a group of his friends (age 18-39).

  • Linh's story

    Linh was found in a nail bar by Police after a member of the public alerted them to children working on the premises, and was assisted by Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship to tell her story.

  • Josie's story

    Josie is 15 years old and has been living with a family in the UK for two years when the family she was staying with were reported to the police.

  • Arben's story

    Arben is a 16 years old and was brought to the UK, where he was forced to work long hours every day at a car wash, before being assisted to break free from his traffickers.

  • Sharliny's story

    Sharliny experienced the loss of her father and this affected her as she got older. Now, she’s a Youth Colleague with Barnardo’s Harrow Horizons and was previously supported by the service when she was going through a tough time at school.