Connecting Adoptive Families Independent Service (CAFIS) is a unique service for people living in Kent who are affected by adoption

We can provide support for you in several ways.

Advice and support for birth families

We know that adoption for birth parents can be a very challenging time. Our team of specialists can provide advice and support if your child is looked after by Kent County Council and adoption or Special Guardianship Order has been identified as the next steps for the child.

Access to birth records for adopted adults

We offer an independent advice and support service for adopted adults who live in Kent and wish to access their adoption records, regardless of when or where they were adopted.

Intermediary Services

Adopted Adults

If you were adopted and decided to make contact with your birth family, our team of specialists can initiate contact on your behalf. Please note this service is only available to those living in Kent.

Birth Families

If you had a family member who was adopted before 1975, we can help make initial contact with that family member on your behalf.

Letter box contact

This service is available to adopters, special guardians and birth families where post adoption or Special Guardianship Order contact has been agreed. The letterbox system manages contact by exchange of information in a confidential way via Barnardo’s.

Contact us

  • call us on 01795 532081
  • email us at [email protected]
  • write to us at Barnardo’s CAFI, Unit 10 Jubilee Way, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8GD