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For professionals

Together, we can put a stop to child sexual exploitation.

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Barnardo's work has made good progress, but we can’t tackle the issue alone. That’s why we work with other professionals and community organisations across the UK to make sure that they too are aware of the growing problem of child sexual exploitation and can take action when it happens, or is suspected.

We are committed to educating the many thousands of professionals and community groups that work with children across the UK every day. From teachers, counsellors and sports coaches to leaders of local religious, ethnic, LGBT, disability and language organisations, working with us can help us put a stop to this abuse, and protect vulnerable children who may be at risk.

We want to give professionals the vital tools needed to:

Experts in this vital work

Barnardo’s has worked with exploited children for more than 20 years. Last year, we supported around 3,000 children affected by sexual exploitation, helping them get their lives back on track. However, we know that there are others out there who are not getting the support they need. We’ve never opened a service and not found children who need our help. Our extensive research gives us a unique insight into the diversity of victims and their needs.

We believe that raising awareness among professionals and within communities will help stop the growing problem of child sexual exploitation.

Real Love Rocks

Real Love Rocks is an online space all about raising awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation and what a healthy and safe relationship is. We are all about supporting and equipping everyone to have the confidence and information to talk about child sexual exploitation, healthy relationships and staying safe.If you are a young person, a parent or a professional then Real Love Rocks is there for you.

Download the leaflets

Barnardo’s has published a set of tailored advice leaflets for professionals across the UK. You can download them below.


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It’s been marvellous, our eyes have been opened. I use to feel on edge but now I feel much more confident. Now I know what is safe/unsafe, right and wrong so I can say no. But she also knows her mum is there to support her if things go wrong.
Jane, parent