About this service

We are a team of qualified and experienced creative arts and play therapists dedicated to providing meaningful support for children who have experienced trauma in early life.

We work closely with parents, carers and key professionals to provide gentle, nurturing therapeutic support to help them recover from trauma they have experienced and promote a better understanding of their needs.

We specialize in supporting children and families affected by; domestic abuse, parental mental health, bereavement, neglect, sexual abuse and supporting adoption placements.

We are able to offer a range of services tailored to fit specific needs with a high level of in-service clinical supervision and professional development.

Sadly, we do not have core funding to cover the cost of all our work and so all referrals must come with funding. We are also unable to take referrals directly from family members; instead they need to come from a professional working with the child or young person.

We charge our therapists at £55/hr (plus travel) to recover costs only (£65/hr for adoption work). Generally speaking it takes about 3 hours of time to deliver a one hour meeting. This covers the travel time/cost for our therapists who are home based, session prep, recording, on-going liaison with family/carers and relevant professionals, safeguarding work and attendance at any multi-agency meetings. (It also covers the clinical supervision time required by their professional body.)

We recommend that you start by purchasing a minimum of 60 hours of time.

Where we can see more than one child back to back, costs can reduce by up to a third.

Currently we work primarily in the South West of England.