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Children struggling to cope need your support

No child should feel like life can’t get better. Make a monthly donation to provide long-term support to children in crisis. 

Jessica’s story

Jess sleeps on a park bench at night

I felt unwanted. There was no one I could trust. I felt so alone


After her dad died, Jessica’s life fell apart. She moved between care homes and even ended up sleeping rough. Going through such challenges without proper support she could rely on deeply impacted her wellbeing. 1 in 3 young people have experienced mental health and wellbeing issues recently – like stress, worry and loneliness. Will you make a monthly donation to help a child in crisis?

No child should feel like life can’t get better

receiving counselling via phone

Together we can make sure that young people get vital help that’s tailored to them - whether that’s through practical support, specialist counselling or creative therapies.

We support children and young people to feel safe, listened to, believed in and that there is always someone to help them through their difficulties - however long that takes.

Because of your support Barnardo’s can continue to support children across the UK through our services, campaigns and research. Thank you.

Your gift will go where the need is greatest.

We protect, support and nurture some of the UK's most at risk children and young people.

Together with our partners last year we helped over 373,000 children, young people, parents and carers. We are one of the UK’s largest children’s charities with 811 services. The scale of what we do may be big, but our aim is simple – to provide the best outcome for every child, no matter who they are or what they have been through. Whatever happens, we don’t give up on children. We are there for as long as it takes.

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*All names have been changed and models have been used in order to protect children's identities

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Get mental health information and support for your child

Are you a parent or carer in need of advice or practical help for a child struggling with their mental health and wellbeing? We have resources for you.

Supporting children and families who need it most

Barnardo’s dedicated frontline colleagues, including our volunteers, help children and their families across the UK. 

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Find out how you can improve the lives of children across the UK by getting involved with our campaigns, fundraising or volunteering.

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How we use your donation

For every pound we spend (excluding retail costs) approximately:

  • 94p goes on working with the children and young people who need it most

  • Less than 1p goes on investment management costs

  • And the remaining amount – just over 5p - on raising the next £1

For full details of how we’re funded look at our latest annual report.