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Toolkit for MPs

A practical guide for MPs to support vulnerable children & families in their constituencies.

The pandemic has affected the lives of children and families across the UK– from newborn babies to great-grandparents.

MPs are uniquely placed in their communities to help children and families and ensure they have access to the support they need.  

To help, we’ve created a toolkit full of practical ways you can help support children and families in your constituency and in Parliament.

1. Is Barnardo’s in your local area? 

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Barnardo’s is the UK’s largest national children’s charity. We support over 358,000 children and families through 800 services, and we run 650 shops. Find out if there is a Barnardo’s service or shop in your local area to visit or volunteer at. 

2. Virtual surgeries for children & young people 

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At Barnardo’s we believe the voices of children and young people should be at the heart of decision-making. You can gather the views children and young people in your local area by hosting a dedicate Q&A session or virtual conversation for those under 25.  

3. Share information on your social media and in your newsletters 

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At Barnardo’s all our work is informed by our frontline workers who support families in local communities every day. We’ve developed content for you to help us share advice and support for families and professionals on social media and in your newsletter to constituents.

4. Champion children in Parliament 

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You are uniquely placed to highlight the challenges vulnerable children and families face in Parliament - making sure their voices are heard. We’d like to support you to champion children. You can  top 5 forthcoming opportunities to achieve change for children in Parliament.

If you need support to do any of our ideas, do not hesitate to contact Ceri Finnegan on [email protected].