Welcome to the Special Educational Needs & Disability Sub Hub!

Here you will find a range of resources, tools, videos and more for children with special educational needs and disability.

Explaining Coronavirus & Getting Support

  • Get Support Post Covid

  • Explaining Coronavirus for people with learning disabilities - NHS YouTube

  • We wear masks - Autism Speaks

Your family and welfare 

  • Coronavirus, welfare, benefits and money

  • Benefits and Coronavirus

  • Food and essentials during Coronavirus 

Getting the support you need for your child

  • Support for children with additional needs during lockdown

  • Podcast for families with disabled children

  • Contacting the NHS if you are Deaf or have hearing loss and think you have symptoms of coronavirus

Support with Benefits

  • Get help with benefits and pensions if you have accessibility needs

  • Benefits guidance - FAQs

  • A-Z of changes to benefits, assessments and support – COVID-19 - Carers UK

Resources for parents in British Sign Language (BSL)

  • Every Mind Matters - Tips for Staying At Home (BSL)

  • Face Covering Guidance (BSL)

  • Getting access to NHS Volunteer Responders (BSL)

Exploring worries about coronavirus with your child

  • Everybody worries - a picturebook for children who are worried about coronavirus

  • Explaining PPE - an animation

  • Kids Stories: Rainbows in Windows, an animation about coronavirus for children

Picturebooks to show greetings during the pandemic (in various languages)

Picturebooks for children to show masks, faceshields and gloves (in various languages)

  • Masks, Faceshields and Gloves - a picturebook (English)

  • Masks Faceshields and Gloves - a picturebook (Chinese)

  • Masks, Faceshields and Gloves - a picturebook (Spanish)

Seeing people wear masks in picturebooks (in various languages)

  • Seeing other people wear masks - a picturebook (English)

  • Seeing other people wear masks - a picturebook (Turkish)

  • Seeing other people wear masks - a picturebook (French)

More picturebooks for children

  • Who should wear a face mask? A picturebook (English)

  • Why aren't they wearing a mask? (English)

  • Coughing and sneezing - a picturebook (English)

  • Getting my temperature taken - a picturebook (English)

  • Why does my doctor look different? A picturebook (English)

  • Why does my social worker look different? (English)

Supporting your child with epilepsy - resources for young people from Young Epilepsy.

Young Epilepsy are one of our See Hear Respond national partners – find out more about our national partners here.

  • Epilepsy and COVID-19

  • Catching those zzzzs

  • You and your Individual Healthcare Plan

If you think your or a child could be in immediate danger, always call 999.

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