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Here you will find a range of resources, tool, videos and more focusing on yours and your family's emotional wellbeing.

What is Coronavirus?

Resources for parents


Resources and strategies for coping with anxiety

  • Improving your families calmness and mindfulness

  • 5 things you need to know about anxiety

  • How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus

  • Coping with anxiety

  • What is anxiety? A guide for kids

  • Combating lonelieness during lockdown

Balancing work and family

Resources for working parents

  • Tips from parents on working from home with kids

  • Getting creative with your kids while working from home

  • Helping your teenager stay home during lockdown

Looking after your family's wellbeing

  • Parenting during the coronavirus outbreak

  • Everybody worries - a picturebook for children who are worried about coronavirus

  • Talking to your children about the coronavirus pandemic

Exploring worries about coronavirus for children

  • Everybody worries - a picturebook for children who are worried about coronavirus

  • Explaining PPE - an animation

  • Kids Stories: Rainbows in Windows, an animation about coronavirus for children XSB


Resources for children and families

  • How to relieve boredom during lockdown (for kids)

  • Fun nature activities you can do inside or in the garden

  • Joining Pride from your living room

Looking after yourself

NHS resources for improving yours and your family's emotional wellbeing 

  • NHS Mental wellbeing audio guides

  • NHS Mood self-assessment

  • NHS Children and Bereavement

If you think your or a child could be in immediate danger, always call 999.

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