Welcome to the Back to School Sub-Hub!

Here you will find a range of resources, tools, videos and more to help you support your child’s journey going back to school.

The journey back to school

  • Back to School: Exploring some of the hard stuff

  • Back to school: Strategies for coping with feelings

  • Returning to school for families with young carers

Making preparations: emotional wellbeing and coping with lockdown loss

  • Preparing your child for the return to school - National Autistic Society

  • Supporting your child’s mental health as they return to school during COVID-19

  • Exams cancelled, no prom: six ways to help children cope with lockdown loss

Transitioning back to school: single parents, school costs and lockdown loss

  • Back to school after a pandemic - a fathers perspective

  • Coronavirus Information for Single Parents

  • Help with school costs

Managing your health as a parent

  • Sending older children back to school after lockdown when you are pregnant

  • I have MS, should my kids be going back to school?

  • NHS Mood self-assessment

Managing your child's health

  • Is my child too ill for school?

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for children, young people and families now shielding has paused

  • Back to school advice (England)

Picturebooks on PPE for children

Picturebooks to show greetings during the pandemic (in various languages)

Further useful picturebooks

  • Who should wear a face mask? A picturebook

  • Getting my temperature taken - a picturebook

  • Coughing and sneezing - a picturebook

If you think your or a child could be in immediate danger, always call 999.

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