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Northern Ireland briefings and consultations

Read our latest consultation responses and briefings. These highlight key issues for children and families, outline models of good practice and make recommendations for policy and practice.


Department for Infrastructure - Consultation on free and discounted fares on public transport (concessionary fares)

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Inquiry into ‘The funding and delivery of public services in Northern Ireland’

All Party Group on Mental Health Inquiry - Mental Health Education and Early Intervention in Schools

Department of Health - Transitional Adoption Support Services


Department of Justice – Call for Evidence - Abuse of Position of Trust Offences: Extension of the Law

Department of Justice – Public Consultation - Increasing the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility in Northern Ireland from 10 Years to 14 Years

Department of Justice - Consultation on Measures to Strengthen the Response to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Public Health Agency Consultation - Postvention Support Service: Proposed Model of Support, Version 1

Department of Health, Department of Justice - Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy: Equally Safe Strategy, Violence Against Women and Girls

Department of Finance - Draft Budget 2022-25

The Executive Office - Draft Refugee Integration Strategy

Department of Finance - Minimum Age for Marriage or Civil Partnership


Evidence to the Health Committee - Adoption and Children Bill

Autism Strategy 2023-2028, Pre-Consultation

Second Stage Briefing - Adoption and Children Bill

Evidence to the Justice Committee - Justice (Sexual Offences and Trafficking Victims) Bill

Policy Briefing - Afghan Citizens' Resettlement Scheme: Learning from the Syrian Resettlement Scheme 2021

Barnardo's Response - New Plan for Immigration

Barnardo's NI Independent Guardian Service Response - New Plan for Immigration

Evidence - Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Inquiry - The Experience of Minority Ethnic & Migrant People in NI

Response to PPS Policy on Cases of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Regional Service Model for Separated/Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children

Transitioning Youth Justice

Victim & Witness Strategy

Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031

Interim Autism Strategy, 2021-2022

Establishment of a Regional Care and Justice Campus

‘Making Life Better – Preventing Harm & Empowering Recovery'


Domestic Abuse & Family Proceedings Bill Consideration Stage Nov 2020 - Barnardo's NI & NSPCC NI Joint Briefing

Action Group on Loneliness Policy – Statement on Covid-19 – May 2020 (PDF)

Action Group on Loneliness Policy - Call to Action (PDF)

Evidence to the Committee for Health - Draft Children’s Social Care (Coronavirus) Regulations (NI) – May 2020 (PDF)

Evidence to the Committee for Justice on the Domestic Abuse and Family Proceedings Bill – June 2020 (PDF)

The Domestic Abuse & Family Proceedings Bill: Children & Young People - 2020 (PDF)

Coronavirus - the impact on children and young people - 2020 (PDF)


Probation Board NI Corporate Planning 2020-2023 - PBNI - 2019 (PDF)

Supporting Newcomer Pupils - Dept of Education - 2019 (PDF)

Protecting victims of domestic abuse from being cross-examined by perpetrators - Dept of Justice - 2019 (PDF)

Pre-consultation on 'A New Future for Childcare in NI' - DUP - 2019 (PDF)

Regional Trauma Network Consultation response - Health and Social Care Board -2019 (PDF)

A Successor Strategy to The New Strategic Direction for Alcohol & Drugs Phase 2 - Dept of Health - 2019 (PDF) ​

Draft Guidance on Information Sharing for Child Protection Purposes - Dept of Health - 2019 (PDF)

Chronic Homelessness Action Plan - NI Housing Executive - 2019 (PDF)

Guidelines for the Prosecution of Young Offenders - Public Prosecution Service for NI - 2019 (PDF)

Strengthening Family Relations: A Draft Strategy - NI Prison Service - 2019 (PDF)

​Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online: An E-Safety Strategy 2019-2022 - NI Executive - 2019 (PDF) ​

Review of the Law on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - Dept of Justice - 2019 (PDF)

The Gillen Report - preliminary report into the law and procedures in serious sexual offences in NI - 2019 (PDF)


Draft Northern Ireland Modern Slavery Strategy 2018-19 - Dept of Justice - 2018 (PDF)

Domestic Homicide Reviews - Dept of Justice - 2018 (PDF)

Equality Action Plan and Disability Action Plan 2018-22 - 2018 (PDF)

Proposed Framework of Future Provision for Children in the Early Years with Special Educational Needs (SEN) - 2018 (PDF)

SBNI Strategic Plan 2018–2022 - Safeguarding Board NI - 2018 (PDF)

Strategy for Looked After Children - Improving Children's Lives - Dept of Health and Dept of Education - 2018 (PDF)


Adoption and Children - Northern Ireland - Bill Dept of Health - 2017 (PDF)

Changes to Eligibility Criteria for Free School Meals and Uniform Grants - Dept of Education - 2017 (PDF)

Children and Young Person's Strategy 2017-2027 - Dept of Education - 2017 (PDF)

Inquiry into the impact of cyberbullying on children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing - 2017 (PDF)

Inquiry into the situation of unaccompanied and separated minors in Europe - The Human Trafficking Foundation - 2017 (PDF)

Prison 2020 - Driving continuous improvement in the Prison Service - Dept of Justice - 2017 (PDF)

SBNI Multi-Agency Neglect Strategy 2017-19 - Safeguarding Board NI - 2017 (PDF)


Draft Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Strategy 2016-17 - Dept of Justice - 2016 (PDF)

Draft Programme for Government (PfG) Framework 2016-21 - NI Executive - 2016 (PDF)

Programme for Government Consultation Document - NI Executive - 2016 (PDF)

Protect Life 2 – a draft strategy for suicide prevention in NI Consultation Questionnaire - Dept of Health - 2016 (PDF)


Bereaved by Suicide Support model PHA - 2015 (PDF)

Delivering Social Change through Childcare - OFMDFM - 2015 (PDF)

Disability Indicators for A Strategy to Improve the Lives of People with Disabilities 2012-15 - OFMDFM - 2015 (PDF)

Draft Equality Impact Assessment on Self Directed Support - H&SCB - 2015 (PDF)

Infant Mental Health Framework and Action Plan 2015-18 - PHA - 2015 (PDF)

Standards for Supported Lodgings for Young Adults in Northern Ireland - DHSSPS - 2015 (PDF)


A Sense of Belonging - Delivering Social Change through a Racial Equality Strategy for NI 2014-2024 - OFMDFM - 2014 (PDF)

Delivering Social Change for Children and Young People - OFMDFM - 2014 (PDF)

Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Strategy - DHSSPS and Dept of Justice - 2014 (PDF)

Safeguarding Board Northern Ireland (SBNI) Strategic Plan 2013-2016 - SBNI - 2014 (PDF)