We believe in the most vulnerable, the forgotten and the neglected

We believe in children regardless of their circumstances, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and beliefs, disability, age and behaviour. 

Smiling boy in front of blackboard

Our vision is to realise Thomas Barnardo’s dream of a world where no child is turned away from the help they need.


We get our inspiration and values from the Christian faith. These values, enriched and shared by many people of other faiths and of no religious faith, provide the basis of our work with children and young people, their families and communities.

We work in a multi-cultural society and are proud of our roots.


We value the contributions of everyone who works or volunteers for us – whether that's directly with children, young people and their families or in fundraising, retail, administration and support services.

Our values include:

  • Respecting the unique worth of every person

We believe that every person is different but equal, and that everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged.

  • Encouraging people to fulfil their potential

We all need encouragement at times, and we aim to create opportunities for people to make the most of their abilities.

  • Working with hope

Our hope for a better future for all children is the source of our inspiration.

  • Exercising responsible stewardship

The commitment of our staff and volunteers to make the best use of resources enables us to help children, young people and their families across the UK.

Our basis and values in action

While our work is diverse and wide-ranging, our local services share the same aim  to help the UK’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

We work with a range of young people, including those in and leaving care and those on the child protection register. We also help disabled children, those who care for a family member and young people who have been sexually exploited.

We support each and every child. We stand up for them and help bring out the best in them. We believe that with the right help and committed support, even the most vulnerable children can transform their lives and fulfil their potential.