Child poverty rises again - Barnardo's statement on the latest figures

Published on
21 March 2024

New statistics on children living in relative poverty have been published today by the Department for Work and Pensions. 

Lynn Perry MBE, CEO of Barnardo’s, said:

“The new statistics published today show that the Government has let down children and child poverty is on the rise again. The figures show 4.3 million children are growing up in poverty. This number represents an increase of more than 100,000 children – around the population of Eastbourne. 

“Children can’t be happy and healthy if they are going to bed in a cold home, on an empty stomach. Living in poverty means children miss out on opportunities and the activities that make childhood fun and support their development. 

 “It’s getting harder for young people growing up in the UK. The Government needs to urgently focus on reducing child poverty. That should start with a strategy for ending child poverty, including ending the two-child limit ‘sibling penalty’ on benefit payments and ensuring struggling families can afford essentials like food and household bills.”  

Population data. ONS Census 2021.