Barnardo's responds to Government’s interim report on the Major Conditions Strategy

Published on
15 August 2023

The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) has this week published an interim report on its Major Conditions Strategy – which is the Government’s five-year blueprint to help manage six conditions, including mental health, and tackle the health inequalities which can trigger or cause them. 

Michelle Lee-Izu, Barnardo’s Corporate Director for Development and Innovation, said: 

“We welcome how the Major Conditions Strategy interim report recognises the important role family hubs play in promoting healthy development and wellbeing. As strong advocates of Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs), we are also encouraged by its planned expansion to reach at least 50% of pupils by next year. 

“These changes are undeniably long overdue. Existing mental health services are already at breaking point, and families are struggling to get the support they need to thrive as record numbers of children are entering the care system.  

“Children and young people need to be at the centre of the Government’s plans to develop services which will help to safeguard the health of the next generation. That’s why we continue to urge the Government to ensure all children have access to a MHST, alongside a counsellor in every school. We will also call for further roll out of family hubs, so every community has access to the nerve centre of help and advice they provide.”