We take all complaints seriously and deal with them as soon as we possibly can.

Contact the supporter relations team

If you want to make a complaint about one of our lotteries or the raffle, please contact our supporter relations team first.

You can do this by:

Supporter relations team


Tanners Lane

Ilford, Essex


Our response times to your complaint

We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We will:

  • answer your call within three rings
  • acknowledge emails within eight business hours
  • reply to letters within seven working days

Whichever way you contact us, you will receive a full response within seven working days, unless the complaint is complex.

We will acknowledge complex complaints within seven days and aim to provide a full response within 14 working days.

When the team can't resolve your complaint

If your complaint cannot be resolved by the supporter relations team, we call it a 'dispute' and ask our head of supporter relations and director of fundraising to investigate.

The director of fundraising may contact you to inform you that a formal investigation is taking place and to clarify details of the dispute.

During the formal investigation, we use the same response times as our supporter relations team.

If the dispute is complex, the investigation may take some weeks. If this happens, we will give you a progress report every week. You can choose how to receive these reports, by telephone, letter or email.

At the end of the formal investigation, we will write to tell you the outcome and any actions that we have taken as a result.

Taking your dispute outside Barnardo’s

If you feel our resolution of your complaint is inadequate, you can refer the dispute for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This is a free service.


The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd (IBAS)

PO Box 62639

London EC3P 3AS

You can call IBAS on 020 7347 5883.

Fundraising complaints & disputes procedure (lotteries)

Your views are important to us and we take every complaint seriously and endeavour to resolve the complaint or dispute in a transparent, open and constructive manner.

This lottery-related procedure is additional to Barnardo’s fundraising complaints procedure which can also be found on the website or available on request.

Any complaint or dispute related to lotteries operated by Barnardo’s will be viewed in a positive manner and used as a means by which the lottery based products and processes may be improved and developed.

We promise to take all complaints seriously, and to deal with them in a timely manner.

Contact us

Email [email protected] if you'd like to know more.