Fostering in Wales

“I found the training and assessment first class. I have worked in other childcare settings for many years and attended many courses but Barnardo’s training courses are far superior in every comparable way.” – A newly approved Barnardo’s foster carer.

Foster carers can transform the lives of the young people that they work with - bringing stability and security when a child needs it most. Our team here in Wales is dedicated to supporting and training our foster carers, giving them the skills and confidence to help the children in their care. Our excellent rankings on the Children's Commissioning Consortium Cymru (4Cs) tiered ranking system reflect our commitment in this area.

We believe you can foster - and so should you.

Children in need of fostering

Sibling groups

Sadly, one in three children are separated from their siblings when placed in foster care. We believe in the importance of keeping brothers and sisters together and are looking for people who can foster sibling groups.

Children with challenging behaviours

Children in care may have experienced abuse in the past. Every child copes differently with trauma and vulnerable young people need the support of foster carers who are willing to understand and work through demanding behaviours.

Children with physical and/or learning disabilities

We are looking for foster carers who can help meet the needs of children with disabilities.

Children who exhibit sexually harmful behaviour toward other children

Children who have been sexually abused may not understand that what happened to them is wrong. We need foster carers who can provide secure environments, helping children to be the best that they can be.

Children at risk of being, or who are, victims of child sexual exploitation

Children in care may have suffered neglect or abuse in the past. We offer ongoing support and training, and have years of expertise supporting children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.


There are a large number of teenagers who need fostering in Wales – both boys and girls. Foster carers can give teenagers vital help for the future, by supporting them to learn practical skills for their everyday life.

Fostering in Wales

We’re particularly interested in hearing from people in North, Mid, South and West Wales.

Types of foster placements

As a foster carer, you could offer:

  • long-term placements
  • planned short breaks.

Contact Barnardo’s Wales Fostering Service

Barnardo’s Cymru Fostering Service (South)
Trident Court
East Moors Rd
CF24 5TD

Telephone: 029 2049 3387

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9anm to 5pm

By choosing to become a foster carer you can make a huge difference to a child’s life – and yours.