Support for birth family members and adopted adults

At Barnardo's we help everyone involved with the adoption process, from adoptive parents to children, adults adopted as children, birth parents and relatives.

The Birth Family Member Support Service can help you if a child or children in your family is going to be placed for adoption. Where a local authority has asked us to provide this independent service it can be available for up to 12 months after the placement order has been made.

With your agreement, a social worker from your local authority will refer to us to arrange a meeting with one of our independent counsellors, who will be able to help you understand the adoption process. During the meeting you will be able to talk through:

  • The adoption plan
  • The issue of parental consent to adoption
  • Future arrangements for contact
  • Any other issues about adoption that are giving you concern
  • Signposting to other services that may be available
  • A referral to therapeutic counselling if appropriate.

If you contact us, we can check whether your local authority has asked us to deliver a Support Service. If not, we will ask them if they will do so.

Statement of purpose | Making Connections

We work with local authorities to help the most vulnerable children fulfil their full potential. For more information about our Making Connections service, download our statement of purpose.