Scotland Adoption Support Service

The Barnardo’s Scotland Adoption Support Service (SASS) is a post-adoption service offering advice, support and counselling to anyone affected by adoption.

The service was established in 1978 and is staffed by experienced adoption workers. We are based in the West of Scotland and funded by subscribing Local Authorities in the West and Central belt of Scotland.

We know that there can be lifelong implications for everyone involved in adoption. Our confidential service supports:

  • Adoptees
  • Birth parents and relatives
  • Adoptive parents and children
  • Professionals working in adoption
  • People who have been ‘in care’
  • Permanent foster carers.


We can support people who have been adopted so they can learn more about their birth family history and / or find their birth relatives. We can also provide a sensitive service to help you contact a birth relative, as well as offering support groups.

Birth parents and relatives

We support parents who have been separated from their children through adoption and help those who would like to find out about them. We can access, and when possible, share information from adoption records and facilitate contact.

We can also help birth parents if their child is permanently removed from their care.

Children and families

We recognise that adoptive families can face challenges as they try to establish their new families. We can work with families together, or with children or parents individually, to support this. We also offer mediation if it’s needed.

If you could benefit from one of our services, contact us at:

Barnardo’s Scotland Adoption Support Service

Building 10000
Academy Park
Gower Park
G5 11PR

Tel: 0141 419 4796