Child adoption in Scotland

Your decision to adopt can change the life of a vulnerable child in Scotland.

Barnardo's welcomes all applicants, regardless of relationship status, sexuality, beliefs or ethnicity.

We offer training to help new adoptive parents as they step into their roles, and ongoing support after children have been placed, including group meetings organised by our social workers. These meetings are attended by potential adopters, those waiting for child placements and existing adoptive parents.

Our services are regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate to make sure we meet the right care standards. Read our care service inspection report.

Further ongoing support includes:

  • advice
  • counselling
  • therapy
  • invitations to summer events, picnics and parties
  • yearly workshops.

Hear from an adoptive parent in Scotland:

To speak to someone in our Scotland team, click the 'enquire button' or alternatively contact us on Facebook.

Children in need of adoption

Children over the age of three

Many children who need adopting are over the age of three and sadly, the older children become the harder it is to find adoptive families to take care of them. Some children may have previously suffered abuse, and may struggle with difficult emotions as a result of being separated from their birth parents.

We need adoptive parents who are willing to understand demanding behaviours. We offer ongoing support and training to give you the skills and confidence you need to help improve the lives of children in care.

Sibling groups

You can help keep children together by adopting siblings. We need adoptive parents to offer caring and stable homes for brothers and sisters.

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Thinking about adopting a child in Scotland?