We believe girls should be free to grow up without being harmed

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also called 'cutting', involves the removal of some or all of the external parts of a girl's genitalia (World Health Organisation).

FGM is dangerous, illegal and can cause pain, infection and even death in some cases. As the girl grows up, she may suffer complications in menstruation and childbirth as well as psychological problems.

We have set up the National FGM Centre in partnership with the Local Government Association (LGA). The centre provides specialist social work intervention to local authorities, alongside training for professionals across the UK. It engages with communities to change attitudes towards harmful practices, so children can be safeguarded from FGM, breast flattening and child abuse linked to faith or belief. 

The National FGM Centre aims to:

  • prevent new cases of FGM, breast flattening and child abuse linked to faith or belief 
  • protect at-risk children and young people
  • support those affected by FGM, breast flattening, child abuse linked to faith or belief and other harmful practices

The centre had over 350 referrals from local authorities in England in 2019-20. In the same period, it supported 22 FGM protection orders to protect girls at risk.
For more information about the National FGM Centre, head to www.nationalfgmcentre.org.uk

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