Write your Will for free with one of our trusted partners

We know that writing your Will can seem daunting and at times difficult knowing where to start - we can make it easier with our offer to have your Will written or updated for free.  

Choose what’s best for you, online, over the telephone or in person. There is no obligation or pressure to leave a gift to Barnardo’s but we do hope that you consider remembering childhood in your Will. 


You can write your Will from the comfort of your own home with support from our provider, Farewill. It can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

The service is currently available in England and Wales.

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You can speak to a specialist at Farewill over the telephone to arrange your Will writing appointment. Simply click the button below to request a call back.

Or you can call Farewill on 020 8050 2686 to book in a telephone Will appointment. You must notify the Customer Service Team at the beginning of the call that you are a Barnardo’s supporter.

This service is currently available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At a local solicitor’s office

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Our partner for 10 years, QualitySolicitors, have local expert solicitors available in England and Wales to write or update your Will for free if you are age 55 or over. 

If you’re interested in receiving further details of the scheme alongside a list of participating solicitors in your area to choose from, contact us on 0800 008 7005 or complete the form below.