COVID-19 Statement

Due to the current uncertainty regarding Covid-19, Barnardo’s top priority is that all our supporters stay healthy and safe.

As a result, we are advising supporters to adapt their Big Toddle event to an indoor activity at home or in the garden.

Barnardo's Big Toddle 2020 is here! 

Organising a Big Toddle Home Safari and bringing the roar-some fun to your home is easy peasy.

Children of all ages and abilities can enjoy a Toddle, and the littlest cubs can still be part of the fun from their pushchairs. 

You could hold a:

  • Toddle in the garden
    If it is safe to do so, challenge your little ones to take a Toddle around your back garden. If your little one is three-years-old, their Toddle could be completing three laps of the garden!

  • Animal-themed scavenger hunt
    Bring your Toddle indoors. Why not hold an animal-themed scavenger hunt around the house for your cheeky little monkeys? You could print off pictures of animals to hide around the house.
  • Take a Toddle on the wild side
    Challenge your little ones to walk a set distance in the style of various animals. They could hold their arm to the side of their nose as if they were an elephant, open and shut their arms in front of their face like a snapping crocodile or waddle like a penguin with their hands by their sides.

Alternatively, you may wish to hold your Toddle at any time of the year such as at the start of the next school year, following the government’s guidance to ensure that it is safe to do so.

If you need to reschedule your Big Toddle in order to ensure the health and safety of your staff, families and little ones, please do not worry. Your health and safety is absolutely paramount. If this does happen, you will not need to return any resources to Barnardo’s.

It's great to do something like this with kids of this age. It's great to do something for other children. Sign up and do it, it's great fun!

Toddle Mum 

With lots of opportunities for inventive dressing up, creative arts & crafts and heaps of fun, our fundraising pack is jam-packed with ideas and tips to ensure you have a whale of a time.

Last summer, a lot of little feet made a big difference - over 45,000 roar-some little ones took part! 

What your support can do 

By raising funds for Big Toddle you are helping us protect, support and nurture the UK's most vulnerable children. 

Barnardo’s offer over 1,000 life-changing services that empower the UK’s most vulnerable children to feel as brave as a roaring lion, as confident as a cheeky monkey and as fearless as an adventurous shark. 

Every single penny that you raise will help them overcome the challenges they face and move towards a brighter, happier future.


How do I organise a Toddle?

It's easy!

  1. Choose your date - You can organise your Toddle on any convenient day.  
  2. Choose your location – Indoors or out, a half mile walk is usually about right. We’ve got loads of suggestions to help you have a roar-some Toddle Home Safari.
  3. Tell everyone –Why not share your Big Toddle fun on Facebook and Twitter too?

How can I raise money? 

There are lots of ways to make fundraising fun, and your Big Toddle fundraising pack is full of inspiration and ideas to help you raise vital funds.

The children can ask friends or family members to sponsor them for their Toddling achievements using our special sponsorship forms or through a JustGiving page.

You could add a delicious extra touch to your Toddle with a safari-themed picnic or cake sale. Why not consider offering face-painting on the day with a suggested donation from parents or guardians?

What's in my fundraising pack?

Your Big Toddle fundraising pack is jam-packed with lots of goodies that will make sure your sponsored walk is a roar-some success. These include:

  • Your Big Toddle fundraising guide
  • Posters and invites to advertise your Big Toddle
  • Sponsorship forms and certificates
  • Turtle-y incredible animals stickers
  • Free medals for those tired little feet at the finish line
  • King and Queen of the Jungle fundraising totalisers
  • The Big Toddle Safari Map route guide
  • Exclusive early years Animals-themed learning resources

How long should my Toddle be?

Indoors or out, a half mile walk is usually about right, and it's good to pick somewhere full of natural sights and sounds like a park or woods. 

How do I pay in my fundraising?

Every penny raised in The Big Toddle could completely transform the life of a vulnerable child. You could transform lives using any of the below. Please have your Barnardo’s reference number (starting ORN or SRN) handy:

  • Pay in online with JustGiving
  • Call our friendly Supporter Relations team on 0800 008 7005 to make a payment using a credit or debit card, or request our bank details to pay by BACS.
  • Send your cheque(s), made payable to Barnardo’s Big Toddle, with your bank giro slip to Barnardo’s Big Toddle Processing, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, IG6 1QG.
  • Take donated cash, cheques and your bank giro slip to any Barclays bank.

Are there any Public Toddles this year?

Unfortunately not, however the Big Toddle team would love to help you organise your own event! 

How does Covid-19 affect the Big Toddle? 

Due to the current uncertainty regarding Covid-19, Barnardo’s top priority is that all our supporters stay healthy and safe.

As a result, we are advising supporters to adapt their Big Toddle event to an indoor activity at home or in the garden.

I have another question! Who can I ask? 

Email [email protected] or call 0800 008 7005

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